Working From Home in the Age of COVID may not be the answer…

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The phone rings. It’s one of the County’s COVID trackers. The client who was at your house 2 days ago tested positive to COVID. The tracker wants you to close your business and follow their protocol to clean your office.

Your office is in your house. What do you do?

After you thoroughly clean your house and self-isolate for 14 days, perhaps you’ve been re-thinking about having clients at your house.

But what should you do? You only have a few clients who have come back after the March shut down. You can’t afford an office (which usually entails a long-term lease,) nor do you want one for only 1 day a week. You love what you do and are not ready to switch careers or retire!

Co-working space offers an affordable option. Rent by the day or half day and continue your practice with a scaled expansion. Mindfully determine that you are not a light switch to be turned on or off. Consider that you have been on “dimmer” and are now restarting toward full brightness. Additionally, they have a commercial cleaning staff to handle the bathrooms, doors and floors, in full compliance, plus you are now also protecting your personal space.

It’s also the co-working space’s rules that require the masks. So you never have to enter the debate of mask on / mask off.

So, please consider joining Terra Essentials at Miriam’s Place, 1519 East Boulder Street for 1 day a week as your new co-working space. We are a unique health and wellness co-working environment and we are here to help. Come and add to our collective experiences and shared solutions which will benefit us all. Call 719.301.9508 and ask for Laura or Amy.

Looking ahead … We are working on an article about “When a Client Tests Positive.” Please let us know what you have experienced in this regard or thoughts you have had about your personal education or reasonings with regard to quarantine, isolation, or social distancing. You also may remain anonymous.

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