Terra Essential is focusing on re-training alternative and holistic practitioners in marketing and business post-pandemic.

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Terra Essentials: Building A Healthy Community

From the Editors

Never did I dream when Hilary, Judi and I started working on the 2020 edition of Terra Essentials that our world would change dramatically in a matter of two months.

As we approached our print date (the end of January) we were hearing rumors of how this unknown virus was going to affect our country. We spent time talking about whether we should print or wait. After conversations with some of our advertisers, we agreed to wait.

And, then came the pandemic and nearly everything shut down. Except we didn’t. We started rebuilding 2 of our websites. The first one that is almost ready is t-essentials.com. Some of you may remember that we used this site in 2008, before we obtained the rights to the terraessentials.net domain name.

On t-essentials.com we will be focusing on re-training alternative and holistic practitioners in marketing and business post-pandemic. For those of us fortunate to be working again, we realize that our clients have issues around being touched, disinfecting, and just being scared. We want to support you in how to reach out to them and make them feel safe in your presence.

The other site, terraessentials.net will be ready in a month. With the changes that Google and Facebook have made in “fact-checking” and removing alternative health comments, we had to rework the text that
will be on the site. We will be posting text from the consumer’s point of view. Translation, our clients’ comments.

If you would like to share content with either site, please text me at 719.235.7872 or email Hilary at hilaryserrao@yahoo.com.

Updating the print date

We still plan to print a 2020-21 edition of Terra Essentials. Our goal is late July. We will be putting the directory online as well. We are promoting our downloadable versions because some of our distribution points have limited access, such as Pikes Peak Library District and El Paso County Service Center. The reason that we are waiting to publish is that we are re-working the text in Terra Essentials so it is more applicable in this post-pandemic world.

In a couple of weeks we will re-start our newsletter. If you have questions on how to cope in a post-pandemic world, talk with your clients or even how to disinfect your space after each client, let us know.

We would like to include your questions in our newsletter. If you need support, talk to us. Hilary and I are here to support your businesses.

Amy, Hilary and Judi

© Copyright 2020 – Terra Essentials – All Rights Reserved

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