Post-COVID— What Do I Do Now?

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Photo by Andriyko Podilnyk on Unsplash

How many of us wake up each morning and ask how did we get to this point in our profession?

Prior to March 17, we had: Active practices; Clients we supported; And, a cash flow that made us comfortable. Then the pandemic exploded. Our practices were shut down for 2-plus months. We reopened to a duality-driven world, based on what was deemed essential or non-essential. If you touched someone, physically touched someone in your work, you were deemed non-essential. How ironic was that? Not only did the world decide that we could not touch for 2-plus months, they decided we could live without face-to-face connections.

Even as the reopening phases have proceeded, the media still stress “6-feet social distancing.” How does that one tagline affect your business if you are a massage therapist, chiropractor or acupuncturist? How can you post the benefits of touch when at the same time Facebook is telling people that you can spread the virus by touch? Marketing becomes a challenge at this point. Let’s talk about some indirect marketing techniques.

1. Call your clients. See how they are really doing and if they need anything. By calling, I learned that one of my clients missed going to the library and another wanted jigsaw puzzles. We
arranged for both to be delivered. By being supportive now, we will have returning clients when they are comfortable to return.

2. I have been asked about my stance on masks. To me masks are a sign of respect to my clients and friends. I wear them because I don’t know if their family has anyone with a suppressed immune system. Masks are mandatory in the bodywork community. To make our clients more comfortable you can choose to post pictures of yourself in your mask. It helps ease some of our clients’ anxieties when they know we are complying.

3. Start listening. Most of our clients don’t need us to fix them. They just need someone to hear their stresses. Be there for them.

4. Educate them versus offering them coupons. My clients don’t want “free stuff.” They want knowledge of what to do when they can’t come to see me. Not one of my marketing tips are truly marketing tips. They are compassionate caring techniques to ease the fear during these disjointed times. We need for our clients, friends, family, and community to come away with our collective message. The alternative and holistic health communities are here to listen, support, and most importantly teach you that touch is ok.

It is our responsibility as practitioners to teach our clients that touch is still important and that face-to-face communications are essential in a caring world. We need to be consistent in telling our clients that everyone needs to touch from parents with their children and grandchildren to doctors with their patients.

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