“Why Talk Marketing When I Don’t Know If I’m Going To Be In Business In A Month?”

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Photo by S O C I A L . C U T on Unsplash

This is the number one question I’ve heard this month. It reminds me of when we started work on our first issue of Terra Essential in October 2008. It was the week before the economy tanked. Yet we stayed focused, published and promoted the holistic community. If Terra Essentials could survive our rocky start, we can surely support our advertisers through a pandemic.

I can’t promise when we will recover from the work shut down caused by COVID19, and whether it will be months or longer. I do know that we as a community need to stay focused on promoting and providing holistic health.

I’m the first to admit promoting ideas different from what is found on social media. I want to share 2 tips that our social media is using and one I’m using when I mentor.

Social Media tip #1

Talk in the First Person. For those not into English composition, talk in terms of “I.“ In other words, OWN your words. Take responsibility for your knowledge. There is a difference between the ego form of I and being an expert kind of I. We have to use the second type of “I” on Terra Essentials so we can talk about how we use products or support our clients. When I use these herbs/items… I have these (items) in my medicine cabinet ….

Social Media tip #2

Utilize verbs that focus on visual, auditory, and kinesthetic cues. I see the beauty in this picture because…(visual cue) I tell my clients to…..(auditory cue) I feel the need to share…(kinesthetic cues)

Most importantly, remember why you are here. Right now we can get caught up in the chaos of the moment. We lose sight of the message we agreed to teach at this time. Our message is that we were given this brilliant body that has the potential to heal itself if it is given enough love, quality food, and a safe environment in which to thrive. How we teach this is up to you!

With all of the fear that surrounds us, it is easy to forget that you are loved and have a home in our community. Fear weakens us and helps us withdraw…Persistence teaches us adaptability and strengthens us. We will get through this together.


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