Upcoming HNA Zoom Luncheon-Building Hope & Trust in Our Marketing (Updated)

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In light of the pandemic of COVID-19, there is no doubt that the state and national directives to employ “social distancing” and shutter so many “non-essential businesses” have hit each of us in the areas of personal care and bodily support with so very many questions. Not the least of which is personal cash flow and our place in this bigger picture once we reach a “new normal” and even what will that really look like?

How many times over this last month and 1/2 have we heard, “I have to start over!” “I’m not going to have any clients left if I can’t work soon!” “I’ve found a job.” from the lips of our dear friends? The world of the holistic health practitioner is in turmoil. Never before have we been prevented from working at a state level and across the country. How will we overcome the new belief system of 6-foot social distancing if our businesses rely on being up close and personal?

Part of these answers can be through a shared conversation, so please join the Holistic Networkers Association for our Zoom Luncheon about “Building Hope & Trust in Our Marketing” this Thursday, April 16 at 11 am MDT. RSVP to hnacolorado@gmail.com to get the Zoom link and password. You do not have to be a member to sit in on this event and is open to any practitioner or holistic business. A Question & Answer session is planned. This event is also sponsored and free to you.

The panelists include:
● Desiree Hickson, the Laundry Diva, who will talk about “Putting Yourself Out There” on Zoom and other social media.

● Christina Freshman, Reflexologist who will talk about how she changed her marketing from face-to-face and other types of networking to promoting herself strictly online and how she had to figure out different products to promote since bodyworkers currently are not allowed to practice.

● Amy Cook-Porter, Managing Editor of Terra Essentials, a print publication, and a lymphatic therapist. She will talk about how to review your business plan, change the focus of your marketing plan, and how to instill hope and trust in your messaging. Please join us this Thursday.

To be inspired by these women, click on this link to hear Desiree’s podcast, Laundry and Other Mysteries, with Amy: 

(Link) anchor.fm/desiree-hickson/episodes/Reinventing-Your-Business-After-The-Great-Pause-featuring-Amy-Cook-Porter-of-Terra-Essentials-ecmr4r

Bring a bag lunch to your own table and make this a true luncheon with your peers!

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Part 2 of HNA Panel Discussion on How To Reinvent Your Business:

(Link) www.facebook.com/watch/?v=523481828334497

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