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Holistic hacks, hints, and commentary. We would love to hear from you and share your holistic perspective. Contact the admins for more information.

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Test Post For Show

Mary had a little lamb and it got out of the yard. What should Mary do? Maybe she’ll take a selfie or plan dinner.

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June Events & Holidays

1 Hurricane Season Begins Dare Day Flip a Coin Day Heimlich Maneuver Day National Doughnut Day National Hazelnut Cake Day National Egg Day 2 National Bubba Day National Cancer Survivors Day National Rocky Road Day 3 National Egg Day Repeat… Continue Reading…

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Big Library Read

Who’s reading The Four Corners of the Sky this month? According to Travis Duncan of the Pikes Peak Library District, over 7,500 libraries in 10 countries from five continents are participating in the  Big Library Read through June 1, 2013.… Continue Reading…

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Terra Essentials is a print and online directory for the Pikes Peak Region of Colorado. Our focus is building a healthy and sustaining community.

In 2009, Equinaut Publishing printed the first Terra Essentials directory. The purpose of the directory was to provide a list of holistic health practitioners who offered different solutions in the area of healthcare.